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Standard bank up for fraud

The following articles show that standard bank have a history of corrupt dealings,
The public has lost her rights, when banks start to defraud her. In the following article it is clear that the bank is willing to defraud their customers if the price is right. The question that I would like to ask is:

Why do they not lock the bankers up, why are they allowed to defraud their clients without any accountability?

The second article below show how standard bank employ lawyers with no ethical values.
How they take judgement against the very people that finance them without following the procedures required to do so.

If they can make decisions like this is it not possible that they will also decide before they sell you a insurance policy that they will never pay the benefits. Is it not possible that a great percentage of their premiums are collected without the intention to ever honour these contracts. Is this not fraud, against the very people that finance them. Perhaps it is time that I investigate the possibilities of insurance fraud against Standard Bank, perhaps it is time that people and companies stand up for their rights. We must remember that we are financing this fraud by using the facilities of the banks.
The real question that need to be investigated, Is Standard bank in any way connected to the obudsman?
We know that they will deny it, but will they ever acknowledge fraud, will they ever acknowledge their involvement in un-ethical behaviour, in possible corruption? No they will not, they will always wait and count on the fact that the client will not have the means to take action against them.
Perhaps we should ask them for finance so that we can take them to court, will they give this finance?
Probably not, and therefore they remain in control, they know that at the point where a client is dissatisfied they do not have the means for action. 

Standard Bank Up For Fraud.
by Scott Cundill on September 25, 2012 in blog
To continue from our last email “Should SA ‘Banksters’ be put in Jail?“, we confirm from this press release that charges of civil fraud have been laid against Standard Bank (case number 34355/2012) in the Johannesburg High Court. NewERA is not party to this case, but we have a duty to keep our Members informed. The charges include:
- Five counts of misrepresentation
- Five counts of fraud
- Three breaches/contraventions of the Bank Act
In theory, all 19 million South Africans who have “credit” could make similar claims against their bank. This is primarily due to securitisation, a process that the banks are extremely secretive about.
This important case argues that a bank is not allowed to pretend that a customer is indebted to it. Banks send out regular statements of account. They collect monthly payments, they make claims for money and even threaten to take assets away on public auction. According to the evidence presented, all of this is illegal because the bank has secretly sold the debt to a third party, and in doing so loses its claim of right. In fact, the bank has already profited as a result of the securitised sale, and investors are protected by an insurance policy in case of a default.
The case document is very easy to read here:
NewERA shares the view that banks must disclose to the customer that their loan or credit card has been settled by a third party because it impacts their legal standing.
While this is a civil fraud case, the Ubuntu political party is investigating a case of criminal fraud as well. More than 200 people have already indicated that they would join the proposed criminal charges against their bank. Please email if you wish to come forward with information.

 Standard Bank At it Again and the Constitutional Court has made a ruling against them ( See Article Below )
Standard bank were professionals in obtaining Judgements against their Clients in the 1980. They are at it again.
This was the most dishonest corrupt and unethical  lawyer ever to practice in South Africa. His major client was Standard Bank, Standard Merchant bank and FNB Bank.

The said three banks knew he was unethical and dishonest, but used him because he could get a judgement against one of their clients without delivering a summons.
He had it all worked out with the two Banks. He would issue a summons and have it stamped at the Supreme or Magistrates Court. He would then pay of the Messenger of the court or the Sheriff to give him a return of service with Delivering a Summons. Armed with this he would obtain a judgement and deliver the final order to the person concerned.
Hundreds of judgements were obtained in this way with the full knowledge of the Standard Bank and First National Bank,
We can only thank God that the Pretoria High Court Judges Eberhardt Bertelsmann and William de Villiers found him to be danger to Society and an Embarrassment to his Profession and had him struck off the roll.

Standard bank has challenged me on twitter, by telling me that they have concluded talking to me and that I can do nothing about it, so if you have any information on any unethical behaviour please contact me.

I am committed to prove that Standard Bank commit fraud, and that his CEO must be held accountable

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